Exam Strategy & Tutoring

We have a radiation oncology resident onboard this journey with you and me who helps with exam techniques and strategies to enhance your test-taking skills. He is Dr. Raj. What does Dr. Raj focus on? Your ultimate aim is to pick the correct answer choice and get a question right. Even if you don’t know the concept or fact, there are many clues in the question stem and options which can help you reach the best possible answer. This is how Dr. Raj used to save time and maximize his score in each exam. How does he help you? He sets up a meeting with you one-on-one over Skype, Zoom or any video chat medium and try to find out your strengths and weaknesses and work on them to maximize the odds of your success! Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help Dr. Raj to tailor an approach to your individual needs. This usually includes a minimum of two initial sessions as we need this time to cement your Q&A approach.

Please follow the link and take a look at the video