Intensive Interview Preparation

I sit with you personally over video chat one-on-one to discuss everything about you to analyze your specific application better. This helps me tailor a personalized approach to you specifically to help you get further in this journey. It’s a multiple seating approach, which means we will be organizing multiple virtual meetings during this intensive interview prep.

Usually in the first meeting (first hour), I discuss with you about your general background and biography. Also, look over your CV & personal statement with you which we will review thoroughly to assess your abilities, which is followed by targeted feedback. 

The next session we conduct mock interviews: broken down into Basic IV skills, Behavioral IV Tactics, Clinical Question scenarios and uncover your weaknesses. This approach means we build your base then stack the content carefully as you progress in your interview skills.  The questions which you will be coached to ask will be targeted specifically to the program you will be interviewing at, this means I will also be helping you study and learn about the program at which you are going to be interviewing.  The US residency MATCH has become more and more competitive every year. The cultural differences and expectations are something most candidates are not prepared for!

The approach is personalized to overcome your weaknesses. No cookie cutter approach. We have interviewed hundreds of future residents and fellows in University based programs who have matched successfully.

Lifestyle Support & Nutrition guidance for USMLE

While studying for such important exams and going through vigorous schedules, we should always make sure to look after our physical, mental, and social well-being. Often we get so engrossed in our routine studies we tend to forget how to self-care and self-love. We often get so stressed and preoccupied with our ongoing activities we tend to forget to maintain alignment between our physical, mental and social well being. 

Keeping ourselves in good shape is equally important for our memory. So here I also offer services to guide you on how to maintain these as we tailor a program specific to yourself.  Here is my podcast on healthy habits for memory, Please follow the link

Personal Statement (PS) & Curriculum Vitae (CV) Review

Personal statement and/or CV review is done with you initially one-on-one for half hour via video call on Skype, Zoom, etc (whichever platform suits your needs) then I review & amp. After I receive your documents and information I edit the documents myself and send you the final version of your PS and CV. I do all of the editing over ‘google docs’ so it is interactive which allows us to work together virtually.

Personal Statements can make or break your whole application. Every year the interviewers read through hundreds of personal statements. So you will need a personal statement that makes a statement! So how to make your personal statements stand out? That’s exactly what I am here for. I am here to help you understand what personal statements are all about and help you write a very unique personal statement. 

I will be sitting with you to guide you through this. Few pointers to begin with:

  • First and foremost “be yourself!”
  • Talk about your extracurriculars
  • Talk about your interests which may include painting, writing, dancing, traveling and how that helps you to be who you are
  • Talk about your goals related to lifestyle, career, health 
  • Do you have any failures? Talk about how you tackled your failure 
  • Talk about anything that makes you a person you are now!
  • Always use examples followed with brief explanations
  • If you feel like you don’t have anything major to talk about, I am here to help you find that one thing from your experiences and put it into words

Often individuals just have no idea on where to start with their medical CVs. Many individuals make mistakes by putting straight facts about their credentials and experiences without elaborating on it. You don’t know where to start with your CV? Don’t worry, I got you! I will explain and guide you with producing your medical CV. Don’t know how to format it? CVs surely do need proper formatting, so I will direct you on how to layout and format your CV. Don’t know which order your headings/items should be in? For instance, education must always be the first heading/item. However, don’t worry, I will help you by making your CV apt to what is sought for in the medical fraternity.

To summarize, I am here to help you guide and understand the process of writing PS and CV. With proper formatting and writing medical descriptions of experiences will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Exam Strategy & Tutoring

We have a radiation oncology resident onboard with me on this journey who helps you with exam techniques and strategies to enhance your test taking skills. He is Dr. Raj. What does Dr. Raj focus on? Your ultimate aim is to pick the correct answer choice and get a question right. Even if you don’t know the concept or fact, there are many clues in the question stem and options which can help you reach the best possible answer. This is how Dr. Raj used to save time and maximize his score in each exam. How does he help you? He sets up a meeting with you one-on-one over skype, zoom or any video chat medium and try to find out your strengths and weaknesses and work on them to maximize the odds of your success!! By understanding your strengths and weaknesses this will help Dr. Raj to tailor an approach to your individual needs. This usually includes a minimum of 2 initial sessions as we need this time to cement your Q&A approach.

Please follow the link and take a look at the video