“If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower. How to become a SUPER BRAIN”

At some point in your life you’ve probably heard something along the lines of, “Did you know that we only use 10 percent of our brain power?” It may come as no surprise that this idea is false and has no scientific backing. But it is true that we are not always using all of our brain power.

Our brains are one of the most complex biological creations on earth. Their 100 billion neurons are responsible for everything from emotion and memories to keeping you alive. They deal with all of the complexities of human life and barely even break a sweat. And here’s the thing: your brain doesn’t have a limited amount of battery. It’s constantly growing, learning, and building new pathways

Here are the 3 biggest lessons:

Once you understand how the brain works, you can harness it to supercharge yourself.

Intuition is an important trait that might even give us the power to predict things before they happen. 

Meditation and altruism are the keys to a long and healthy life.

That is why the super brain technique of Residency Success encompasses a group of different spheres that surround the total existence of an individual which are: Nutrition, Fitness, Mind, Sentimental, Social.

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