Our Mission?

The cultural differences and expectations are something most candidates are not prepared for! So here I am to guide you, to mentor you, and to prepare you to reach that most desired goal. We also understand that most of you are medical students or foreign doctors that are not familiar with the American process of writing personal statements and interviewing. I have been in your shoes so I understand that this process can be financially challenging hence my goal is to offer you services which you need at the most reasonable prices. Our goal is to sit with you to understand you on a personal level. Prior to each one on one personal session, I spend a half hour preparing for every task which is to be addressed, so that I can properly guide and understand your core values.

What we do?

Residency Success was started by an IMG like yourself. I completed my medical education at a smaller offshore Carribean Medical school. Like they say – easy to get on the Island but harder to get off. I faced an uphill battle during my USMLEs, there was a lot of misinformation that added undue stress to my journey.  Over the years, I realized that we all need proper guidance and mentorship during this tiring but rewarding journey of USMLE to Residency. I have the experience of this arduous journey myself. I have been in your shoes. I know the emotional grit it takes to reach the place you desire to be as future doctors.  The US residency MATCH has become more and more competitive every year. I am here to hold your hand and guide you through this path to reach your ultimate goal of matching into a residency and/or fellowship in the USA. My passion is to guide you and mentor you through this career path.

Why us?

One word: Personalization. We will tailor our services to your individual personalized needs. Have anxiety?  I tailor my guidance to help you get to the root of the issue and tackle what may be causing the problem to help you perform maximally in all areas.  Stuck on your personal statement?  I spend one on one time with you to properly frame your thoughts for a winning essay! Have no interview skills?  My 6 years of experience in front of interview committees is harnessed to polish your words and present you as a finished product.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or feedback you have for us, we are here to listen to you.

Meet The CEO

Shae Datta, MD

Chief Education Officer, Residency Success

Dr. Datta attended medical school at St. James School of Medicine in the Netherlands, Antilles. She completed her Neurology residency at Hackensack University in New Jersey. She was the Inaugural Sports NeuroTrauma Fellow at the University of Florida under the tutelage of renowned concussion and brain injury experts. Dr. Datta is currently at a major academic center in NY as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Neurology Department as a Concussion expert.  She has years of experience guiding medical students, residents, and future fellowship hopefuls through the Match process.

Meet The Team

You will be in hand of experts, see their profiles below.

Dr. Mia Armstrong


Dr. Mia Armstrong (MD) is a board-certified Pediatrician and also a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Xavier University of Louisiana (New Orleans, LA). She received her Medical Degree from the Medical College of Georgia (Augusta, GA). Her Pediatrics training was completed at the University of Mississippi (Jackson, MS). Though she enjoys working with children of all ages, she has a special interest in teaching new parents to care for their newborns while offering breastfeeding support as a Certified Lactation Counselor. Her other interests include asthma education, routine well care, and immunizations. Dr. Armstrong studied Spanish throughout her formal education and has completed mission trips, serving in both the Dominican Republic and Honduras. She also teaches English as a second language (ESL). She has a passion for traveling and loves to explore new cuisines and adventures. Dr. Armstrong loves to write blog articles and serves as a Medical Editor and Reviewer for Healthline Media. She also dreams of writing her own children’s books one day! She loves to talk, never meets a stranger, and enjoys helping others reach their fullest potential!

DR. Renee Hipple

BS, Criminal Justice and Psychology

Although her Bachelor of Science degree is in Criminal Justice and Psychology, Renee spent the past 20 years writing legal documents for a title company and editing for a court stenographer. She also worked at her local high school, coaching and mentoring young adults. Having guided them through the college application process, she assisted with personal statements and wrote numerous letters of recommendation. Renee became completely familiar with the medical school process (from match through residency and fellowship) by witnessing and assisting her own daughter’s completion of medical school at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. Her son also holds a doctorate degree (DMA, Johns Hopkins University), so she understands the hard work and commitment required. She is excited to help you illustrate those personal qualities which will make you a competitive candidate, match into your residency program, and reap the rewards of your hard work!

DR. Saja Elshareif


Saja Elshareif, M.A. is a former English professor who is passionate about writing and experienced in all related disciplines. She has been helping domestic and international medical graduates with their residency personal statements for almost a decade. In this time, she has developed an expertise in helping clients formulate a story that expresses their professional and personal interest in their chosen specialty. Her goal is to individualize the writing process and to ensure that each statement is unique and memorable. Saja also enjoys creative writing and spending time with her husband and their three children.

DR. William Benjamin Farnsworth


Dr. Farnsworth is a board certified neurologist, currently completing a fellowship in sports neurology at the University of Michigan. He grew up in California, completing a bachelors of science in biology and biochemistry at Westmont College, before studying at St. George University School of Medicine. He completed his neurology residency at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Farnsworth has a keen interest in sports-related injuries for athletes of all ages and skill levels, ranging from adolescent to professional athletes. In addition to athletics, Dr. Farnsworth continues to have an interest in general outpatient neurology as well. In his free time, Dr. Farnsworth enjoys activities in the great outdoors, including hiking, cycling, and doing wildlife photography.

DR. Rituraj Upadhyay, M.B.B.S,

USMLE Strategist & Tutor

A graduate from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, I focus on teaching you strategies to think like a question maker. I have gone through a lot of exams on my path to a Radiation Oncology residency and have worked with Kaplan as a content developer, which gives me an in-depth knowledge of what goes into making USMLE-style clinical questions. Even if you can’t answer the question based on your concepts, I’ll teach you street smart strategies to reach the best possible answer.

Natasha Taylor

Residency Personal Statement & CV Expert

A former science geek who transitioned into the realm of human capital, Natasha has 20+ years of experience supporting senior executives in their career development, having served as head of Operations of a New York-based Executive Advisory firm. She is skilled in resume and bio development, interviewing, and coaching people during their career transitions. Natasha graduated with a degree in Engineering Sciences from Yale University, with a focus in Chemical Engineering. She is excited to be helping the next generation of doctors to achieve their winnable goals!

DR. Natasha Chase


Natasha Chase is a newly Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and current PGY4 completing a fellowship in Surgical Obstetrics and Maternal Child Health. She grew up in rural New Jersey, headed to UConn for undergrad, and then completed medical school at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. She completed her Family Medicine residency in June 2020 at RWJ University Hospital Somerset. She has had the opportunity to work with many medical students on their personal Statements and help them express their interests and goals in medicine. Her third year of residency, she was appointed Chief Resident and was an active member of the admissions committee, conducting interviews and lunch gatherings with potential candidates. She understands that medical school is full of challenges, from applications to Basic Sciences all the way through to the Match!

DR. Ivan Ornelas, MD

Social Media Intern & Super Brain Technique Guru

Dr. Ornelas is an anti-aging, aesthetic and functional medicine specialist, born in Mexico and a Graduate of Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez. Founder of an anti-aging and nutrition clinic, where he introduced functional medicine in his city, a concept where all the limitations of health in a person are valued, by means of the evaluation of the body, mind and spirit axis. Culinary arts lover as well as marketing and social media expert-which he is harnessing for the Residency Success platform. Dr. Ornelas is currently preparing for his USMLE exams.