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MATCH Application Review & Strategy

We will make sure your application is distinguished in the sea of average applications.

USMLE Exam Strategies & Tutoring

Strategies to master test-taking skills and beat the USMLE brain benders.

Intensive Interview Preparation

We prepare you to walk in and conquer the interview.

CV & Personal Statement Review

Think of your CV & PS as the face of your application, it must be strong.

A Message from our CEO

One must have strong roots, and that means the best seeds, light, and nourishment: we support you to grow into the mighty oak in the forest.

USMLE Exam Strategy And Tutoring

We attack your psychological barriers to help you win against USMLE exams.

Fellowship Applicants

Are you not sure of what to do next after residency? Well, sometimes talking to experts can clear up things. Our sessions are conducted via video call to pinpoint your needs. We are here to guide you and help you figure out what suits you the best.

Platinum Mentorship Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We support you with complete services for the entire application process of Residency or Fellowship training, please see ‘about us’ section for detailed information.
  • Although we support doctors all over the world, we do offer our services to guide American graduates as well.  
  • We offer “one-on-one” personalized services via video chat with a doctor that has been in the process of the American application system.
  • We tailor services specific to your strengths & weaknesses, no cookie-cutter service for all.  Our doctors have been trained to help you with key specifics in the application process.
  • A doctor from our team meets you via video chat and personalizes the process of approaching the exam according to your current knowledge base.  
  • We work on your question strategy and teach you to identify patterns, as that is where most students lack basic knowledge.
  • We help you pick the correct answers as our staff has previously written questions for leading test prep resources. 
  • This boosts most people’s scores at least 10-20% on their question banks.
  • We help you master the art of reading between the lengthy question stems & tailor your study skills and habits.
  • We have a psychological approach to assisting you. Then we systematically help you build interview skills based on your knowledge & background. We make it very interactive and also ask you to be reflective of your skills. We then hone your basic IV skills, behavioral IV skills, clinical IV questions.  We also offer personalized key tips to target the location of the interview (ex. Michigan, Brooklyn, etc), all specific to the program directors that will be assisting you!
  • Yes, it is a part of the process of the interview bootcamp. 
  • We do ‘one-on-one’ mock interview session over video chat, especially helpful since most interviews in the COVID-19 Era are conducted online!
  • We offer motivational coaching for doctors who have been in your shoes, contact us for guidance and plans.
  • Once we receive your documents, we review your submitted documents. We then set up a virtual video meeting with you for 30 mins, to learn more about you, your background and add important details about your life, work, and clinical experience to create more of a holistic document. Your document is then converted into a google drive shared document where you will updated all the changes being made. Initial edits on the  document will be made together whilst being on video call. This is the way we will communicate with us throughout the editing process. As we say it, its an **interactive process** with us!
  • Yes, it is up to you how we structure the time we spend together.
  • We conduct virtual online sessions via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video chat.
  • All of your documents and information is stored securely and NEVER shared or discussed with anyone.
  • We always help you pay in installments as long as you sign an agreement stating:
  1. Total outstanding payable amount
  2. Agreements that payments to be done in installments
  3. Number of installments (with an end/last date). 
  4. Agreement of Services rendered.
  • In this case, our full platinum package may help you otherwise, we can personalize something for your own needs.
  • This package helps you to cover almost all of the required steps for a residency hopeful, comprehensive approach to your candidacy. This package is touching on all aspects of a “journey to residency” as it will cover one CV, one PS, strategic check-ins with your mentor and strategizing for the ERAS season and intensive interview prep for a 6-month period. If you need additional add-on services those can be tailored according to your needs during the initial encounter when we meet to plan out your “journey to residency.”
Esther Ra
Esther Ra
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Thank you Dr.Dutta for doing an awesome job w/ my PS. I really loved the way you Interviewed me, got me to tell my story and then wrote it out in a very eloquent and effective way. Thank you so much again. 🙂
Alonso Javier Osorio Giraldo
Alonso Javier Osorio Giraldo
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Extremely Knowledgeable on this topic. No one better! Highly recommended ...
Abe Bar
Abe Bar
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Dr. Datta is a breath of fresh air in such a competitive time. I reached out to her during a time a crisis and she helped me find, what I believe will be the right path to continue to be competitive and give me the best opportunity to match. Although I am still applying and preparing for this application cycle, I know returning to Dr. Datta's services will be the right choice for me due to her knowledge, care with your particular situation and her experience in residency interviewing. I can't say it enough, she is someone exemplary, caring, and candid in our current medical and residency climate.
Chioma Elendu
Chioma Elendu
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I definitely would recommend Residency Success! I knew I was no where near ready for my interviews and needed help. This was the best decision ever. My interview went great with the exact same ( behavioral) questions I had prepared for. My interviewers were very engaged throughout the process and satisfied with my responses. The assoc. PD said she hoped I matched in that program! I feel quite hopeful about this application cycle 🙂🙏🏼 .
Ahmed Hussein
Ahmed Hussein
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Great coach and nice experience,,, I highly recommend Residency Success for your Interview preparation. Good luck for all applicants.